Monday, March 5, 2007

Assignment #7: Visual Onomatopoeia or Logos

Value: 10%
Duration: One Week
Due: March 12

In this assignment, choose one of two options:

Visual Onomatopoeia

The concept behind this assignment is to merge written and visual languages. In the English language, onomatopoeia is a word that, when pronounced, sounds like the concept it represents. For example, the word “splash” imitates the sound produced by a solid object dropped into a liquid. This project skews the idea away from sound similarities to visual similarities.

You will initially select an adjective or adverb to illustrate as a logotype. Through modification of existing typefaces and the inclusion of additional graphics, you will attempt to create an image that can be read either visually or phonetically. Think about the associations created by your selected word. What qualities does this word posses, and are there any existing/standard graphical representations for this concept? What typeface best represents the idea—extremely light and airy or ultra-black and condensed? Is this a bold image to be represented in high contrast, or something which should virtually blend into the background?

You might consider shaping the text into a larger form, or extending parts of the letterforms out into recognizable shapes. Can the individual letters be stacked, overlapped, or otherwise separated without losing the overall legibility? Will the image be rendered in solid black, grey tones, gradients, outlines, or patterns?

In this option, redesign an existing logo of your choice. Using a combination of text and symbol or pictogram, construct a logo that works at any size (from business card size to billboard), and in black and white and colour.

The type of logo you select defines your design direction: corporate, retail, non-profit, brand name, etc. Consider the appropriate approach for each, while selecting font, colour, symbol or pictogram the best communicates the company, organization or product. Use the abstract principles of design, including negative space, proportion, rhythm and balance so that the logo’s formal qualities are strong and effective.

Provide both a colour and a grayscale version.

Please format your presentation as an 8.5”x11” colour print. Please appropriately label the work with your name, a title, and short description.
- 8.5”x11” colour print on cardstock or photo paper
- *.pdf file labeled with your name and the assignment number (i.e.
logo.pdf) made available in the class folder on the “S” drive
- upload your assignment to your blog journal and provide comments on
your creative process

Evaluation will be based upon the following criteria:

- Has the student followed the assignment directions?
- Do the compositions reflect an understanding of the principles explored in the class sessions?
- Is there an interesting or innovative approach to the compositions?
- Has the student clearly identified a message/theme, and is this readily understandable to viewers?
- Is there an attention to detail and level of precision in the graphical artwork?
- Did the student invest an adequate level of time and energy in completing this assignment?

Click here to download a MS Word document of the assignment.

Click here to see an example of an online logo design company's portfolio.

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