Sunday, March 25, 2007

Assignment Zero

Assignment Zero is a collaboration between Wired magazine and that asks the general public to participate in the process of writing news stories. Called "crowdsourcing," the experimental project combines the open-source tactic of Wikipedia with traditional journalism. Users can voluntarily take on assignments from the newsroom and upload their content, which is reviewed and tweaked by news editors. According to Wired's editor Chris Anderson, “This is an experiment in doing things differently, and maybe better. It doesn’t invalidate the way things have been done, but it allows us to bring in some nontraditional sources and approaches.”

Collaborative Visual Arts: Online art communities like Deviant Art, which give people a place to make and share online art, have already been crowdsourced for business purposes. Assignment Zero examines how the net allows artists to collaborate on a single work together -- where a product, traditionally produced by a single artist, is done by the crowd. They've collected a list of projects which are pushing the boundaries on collaborative art.

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