Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Assignment #8: Architectural Deconstruction

Value: 10%
Duration: 1 week
Due: April 2

This project takes as its basis an important or influential architectural structure, from which you will derive an abstracted aesthetic design. As with the previous assignment, you will need to do a small amount of research to locate images and details such as the proper building name, the architect, the year of completion, and a few descriptive notes. See examples available on the course blog.

You will be creating a poster that celebrates this structure, but the graphic design need not emulate the time period in which it was built. You may choose to represent the building in its entirety, or simply use a very characteristic detail. Alternatively, you may break down the structure into a series of details, which can then be reorganized into a new configuration. Whatever approach you adopt, the final result should bear a resemblance to the building’s external appearance.

Photo Credit: Burj al-Arab, Architect Tom Wright

Begin with a selected photo(s), and begin tracing out the forms in Illustrator. Begin by simplifying details, discarding unnecessary information, and cropping /rotating the image. You may wish to flatten the structure into pure planes and lines, or attempt to simulate 3D areas. You might also consider taking an architectural ornament or detail and create a pattern. Consider paring down the range of colours to about 3 solids (plus black and white) to create a much bolder impact. Think about contrast, tension, and scale when arranging the text and supporting elements.

The poster must include the building and architect names, the year of construction, your design credit, and a brief 2-3 sentence description of its significance. You must also be conscious about parallels and alignments when orienting the individual graphic elements.

- 11”x17” colour print on cardstock or photo paper (the Copy Centre on level 6 has ledger size cardstock available for printing)
- *.pdf file labeled with your name and the assignment number (i.e. firstname.lastname_8.pdf) and placed in your class folder on the “S” drive
- upload your poster to your blog journal and write comments about your creative process
- please be prepared to present your work during the class session

Evaluation will be based upon the following criteria:

- Has the student followed the assignment directions?
- Does the poster reflect an understanding of the principles explored in the class sessions?
- Is there an interesting or innovative approach to the design?
- Is there an attention to detail and level of precision in the graphical artwork?
- Is the information legible and appropriate?
- Does the design faithfully reflect the design of the building?
- Did the student invest an adequate level of time and energy in completing this assignment?

Click here to download an MS Word document of the assignment.
Click here to view class notes on assignment.
Click here to see a list of architects and architecture.
Click here to see a sample project.

Photo Credit: Burj Dubai

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