Monday, March 12, 2007

Assignment #8 - Type/Image Homage

Assignment #8: Type/Image Homage
Value: 10%
Duration: Two Weeks
Due: March 26

This project involves both research and production aspects. To begin, you are asked to select an influential 20th/21st century graphic designer whose style you admire. If you need suggestions, please ask me for possible resources. You will then conduct a reasonable amount of research on the selected individual, sourcing biographical information, major projects, and examples of their work.

Having located sufficient resources, you will design a poster advertising a fictional retrospective exhibition of the designer’s work. Carefully deconstruct representative samples of his/her practice, and develop a composition that seamlessly integrates with the designer’s personal style. If you will be integrating photographic imagery, it must be from original sources. You may borrow or adapt samples of the designer’s work to use in the overall scheme (logos, graphics, type samples, etc.), but be sure to provide credits in your documentation. The poster should include, at a minimum, the designer’s name, the title of the exhibition, the location/address, dates/duration of the show, a brief description (1-2 sentences), and your design credit.

In addition to the poster, you will produce a brief written summary of the designer’s legacy and achievements, as well as a personal reflection on why you appreciate their work. The final section will provide an overview of how you have attempted to emulate elements of the designer’s personal style. Be sure to include sample images of the designer’s work to illustrate your paper. The final length should be approximately 750 words.

- 11”x17” colour print on cardstock or photo paper (the Copy Centre on
level 6 has ledger size cardstock available for printing)
- *.pdf file labeled with your name and the assignment number available on your "S" drive
- written research and reflective paper summarizing the designer’s achievements,
your interest in him/her, and how you have tried to emulate their style (approx.
750 words, with illustrations).
- please be prepared to present your work during the class session

Evaluation will be based upon the following criteria:

- Has the student followed the assignment directions?
- Does the poster reflect an understanding of the principles explored in the class sessions?
- Is there an interesting or innovative approach to the design?
- Is there an attention to detail and level of precision in the graphical artwork?
- Is the information legible and appropriate?
- Does the research paper explore the designer’s work in more than a superficial way?
- Did the student invest an adequate level of time and energy in completing this assignment?

Click here for a list of possible designers to research.

Click here to download a MS Word document of the assignment.

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