Monday, January 29, 2007

2007 Color Trends

Come and meet the mood-evoking personalities of today's color palettes. Images and text from Sherwin Williams. Click on subtitle to read more, and use the online color palette generator.

Balanced Living Color Trend Palette

There's nothing black and white about green. The renewed appreciation for a balanced, healthy lifestyle is evident in organic living and mindbody workouts. Natural fibers, recycled materials, simple furnishings - these are just a few of the touches to create balanced living.

Sultry Origins

From the fashions of Beverly Hills to the street couture of New York City, global ethnic influences are turning up everywhere. Bold, spice-infused colors. Intricate handcrafted quality. Clean, simple lines. A distinctive, Old World feel - these express the essence of sultry origins.

Understated Elegance

Today's neutral palettes are sophisticated. Warm tones blend with cool. Natural materials add depth and character. A pendant lamp adds luster to textures and finishes. Artisan pottery compliments exquisite furniture. It's luxury made affordable. Understated elegance for all.

Virtual Re-mix

Nostalgia is booming. It's the integration of past and present, the visual equivalent of a greatest hits CD, a tendency to mix rather than match. You can see it in all things retro and vintage, from a '60s pattern on a bathroom mat to a claw-foot tub that harkens back to days gone by.

Kinetic Contrasts

Look to fashion and advertising and you will see the impact of kinetic contrasts. It pulsates with energy and style. Intense color accents, spare minimalist backgrounds, geometrically shaped furniture and contemporary art help create this wow factor.

Pantone Designer Paint Colors 2007
When we asked the designers to translate their spring 2007 fashion colors to interior paint colors and describe the room, this is what they said:

Pantone Spring 2007 color trends

Click on subtitle to read more.

More Color Trends 2007

Fashion Trendsetter, online fashion and color forecasting website today announced the release of the Spring/Summer 2008 color trends as two editions; Vol.II and Vol.III. For the summer 2008, two different stories and four sub trend cards are prepared for each color trends... Click on subtitle to read more.

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