Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Assignment #4 - Typographical Hierarchies

Deadline: January 31, 2007
Value: 5%
Assignment #4: Typographical Hierarchies

When working with text as a designer, it's your challenge to take text and develop a hierarchical system using typographical and layout options, in order to make the page legible and increase readability. Order and divide the elements of text which include:
• a headline
• a byline (i.e. author of article)
• call out text
• subheads
• body copy.
Arrange them appropriately and in terms of importance so that the reader's eyes are guided through the composition by design.

Use the template and text provided online to construct 5 compositions. You're permitted to use your choice of font, but use it consistently in each composition. As well, you have the option of varying spacing, adding indents and rules (lines).
1. Single font, no change in point size
2. Single font, variable point size
3. Single font, variable weight
4. Single font, variable style (upper case, all lower case, or upper and lower case, italic, underlined
5. Any combination of the above.

(5) Five 8.5” x 11” black and white prints (cardstock or photo paper), labelled appropriately with your name. Please follow the template explicity.

Evaluation will be based upon the following criteria:
• Has the student followed the assignment directions?
• Do the compositions reflect an understanding of the principles of typographical hierarchies and layout explored in the class sessions?
• Is the assignment professionally printed and presented?

Click here to download an MS Word document of Assignment #4.

Click here to download an Illustrator template for Assignment #4.

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