Thursday, January 18, 2007

Online Illustrator Tutorials

There are some free Adobe Illustrator tutorials available online. Click here to view.

The free tutorials include:
What is Illustrator? (02:49)
What is New in CS2? (04:14)
What are Vector Graphics? (03:34)
A Tour of the Interface (05:00)
Managing Palettes (05:10)
Getting Assistance (04:54)
Resetting Preferences (04:16)
Working with Documents
Creating a New Document (04:28)
Using Document Setup (04:03)
Saving Native Format (04:29)
Saving EPS and Templates (04:55)
Exporting (04:37)
Saving for Web (05:00)
Printing Fundamentals (04:39)
Drawing Fundamentals
Drawing/Selecting/Scaling (03:50)
Stroke/Fill/Color Basics (04:36)
Stacking Order and Layers

Here are a few more online Illustrator Tutorials - check them out. Click here to visit site.

Intro Demo
What's New Demo
Vector vs. Raster Demo
Artboard Demo
Menu / Window Basics Demo
Navigating Palettes Demo
Tools Palette Demo

Pen Tool Techniques
Pen Tool / Anchor Points Demo
Creating Basic Shapes Demo
Direction Lines / Handles Demo
Convert Anchor Point Tool Demo
Finishing and Selecting Paths Demo
Direct Selection Tool Demo

Basic Concepts & Techniques
Selecting Objects Demo
Lasso Tool Demo
Assigning Fill and Stroke Demo
Assigning Colors Demo
Preferences Demo
Keyboard Shortcuts Demo
Stacking Order Demo
Group Selection Tool Demo
Magic Wand Tool Demo
Bounding Box Demo

In addition, you can do a google search for "online Illustrator tutorials" and find several other sites with excellent information.

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