Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tricks for Copying Anything off the Web

Here's a technique that probably no one ever told you. Sometimes web sites try to protect their content by barring you from right clicking and downloading their images. Here's how get around this problem.

With the web site on your screen, press CTRL, SHIFT and PRINT SCREEN on your key board. Your computer has just copied what you see on screen and put it on your paste board.

Now open up Photoshop, to go FILE pulldown menu, select NEW, create a new document (the size will automatically be set up correctly), then PASTE. You will see the image in your Photoshop document. Now you can crop it, select areas and copy, etc.

Mac users often have a program called "Capture" that allows you to do the same thing (just a little easier).

Use wisely - don't forget there are copyright laws and protections.

2. Using Internet Explorer to Download a Web Page
With the web site showing in your browser, go to FILE, SAVE AS, and select "Save as Type: Web Page, complete." The html file and a folder with the images will download. Now you can open up the web page with Dreamweaver, and study how it was constructed.

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Nick Jamieson said...

I've never used the control-shift. The print-Screen button does this on its own.